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Backpacking THAILAND

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

A land covered with rain forests, pretty white sand beaches, amazing taverns, beautiful resorts, and many historical temples. Yes its Thailand..

"Thailand is always welcoming, despite receiving hordes of tourists all year-round. Thailand’s majestic temples pull you in, and you can’t help but be drawn to the history of it all. Thailand’s pristine and turquoise waters are magical, warm and incredibly photogenic which add the perfect touch to a dream holiday"

October 25th 2018 we all decided for first overseas backpacking in Thailand. Backpacking is a great adventure that will be budget-friendly also we will get to learn and experience a lot.

We initially inquired with many travel agencies but the budget, the places which they cover was not satisfactory to us. That's when we thought why not backpacking to Thailand!. When you decide to backpack you need to do your homework well. We had a month time. We listed down the places which we wanted to tour and divided it among us and started researching the places from flights to shopping.

It was a 6 days trip that covered the vibrant Bangkok, Pattaya, and beautiful Phuket.

Flights booked! Hotels booked! Itinerary ready! lets not wait here is our story of a backpacking trip to Thaaaaaaailand.!!!


Landed on Suvarnabhumi Airport around 13:00 in the afternoon. There was a huge queue in the immigration hall, we stood in the line for 2 hours to get the VISA procedures done and luckily we got VISA free entry for INDIAN's. All of us were starving at the Bangkok airport, as we had our breakfast at 07:00 in the morning at KIA. We rushed into a Seven Eleven store in the airport to quickly grab something to eat, 5 cup noodles and a few cake & donuts packets for hungry tummies, it was all amazing we still miss chocolate donuts of Thailand.

In the airport itself we bought 2 D-tac sim cards for internet and maps, and we headed to

metro station we had to change metro to reach the destination. No airport pickup,No guide waiting to welcome us because its a backpack trip everything we had to do

by our-self.

At 18:00 reached our hotel Resort M Bangkok,relaxed for a while and we were all ready to visit Bangkok's famous china town to check-out the food culture and life style of


Booked an Grab to reach china town, the mix of Chinese and Thai cultures is amazing. This part of town is unique and fascinating with Tuk-Tuk running on the street.

Tuk-Tuk(auto-rickshaw) is Bangkok’s iconic transportation. Riding in a Tuk-Tuk is one of the most popular things to do in Bangkok for travelers.

Chinatown is one of the largest street food spots in the world. Locals and travelers can be seen along the street,turning dinner into an evening of


Firstly we had coconut drink the amazing drink till date and this is a must try in China town,varieties of dishes to hop on out of which we tried was

Fish fry, Oysters, Mango with sticky rice, Chocolate fill buns.


Today's exploration is historical temples of Bangkok and to reach Pattaya city, hired a taxi for whole day.

Its better to choose a few places to visit instead of trying to see them all. We covered the top must visit places: Wat Arun, Wat Poo and Grand Palace.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace is the busiest tourist stop in the city, Grand Palace grounds right in the middle of the city.

People keep coming because the Grand Palace could arguably be called the birthplace of Bangkok. The Emerald Buddha housed there is considered to be the

most important image of Buddha in Thailand.

If you arrive early and apply some patience, the Grand Palace in Bangkok can be rewarding. Although the palace grounds and home of the emerald Buddha — are indeed


Wat Arun is one of the most stunning and beautiful temples in Thailand, located on the Chao Phraya River. This Buddhist temple derives its name after the Hindu God Aruna, who was often seen as the embodiment of the reddish glow in the rising sun. Every morning the light bounces off the temple – which makes the temple glow. This is why it’s called the “Temple of Dawn”.

There are many more places to cover in Bangkok like floating market, Bangkok Museum but we couldn’t cover all of them in a day.

In the same taxi we traveled to Pattaya and arrived at PJ Inn Pattaya our home for next two days.

Headed to walking Street in Pattaya in the evening its one of the liveliest zones of entire Thailand when it comes to entertainment. The street is filled with

colorful and vibrant lights, loud and entertaining music, and food and its aromas. The street has everything such as pubs, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping stores.

Had some good food on the streets of Pattaya and shopped fridge magnets, key chains, purses.

Walking a full kilometre from its gateway to the end of Beach Road is like, almost every single building along this road is either a diner or a nightclub or a

go-go bar.


All set to explore the Coral island of Pattaya. It is a beautiful island with white sand beaches located a few kilometres off the coast of Phuket and Pattaya.

We booked our island tour from which included pick up from resort, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and the adventure activity like, underwater sea walk and snorkeling.

Our pick up was at 07:00. Even though its an hour's journey from Pattaya city, we reached the coral island at 10:00 as we had to wait sometime for the ferry to arrive.

Our first underwater experience was a sea walk about 30 meters deep. It was an amazing to walk on the sea bed in a special helmet which will be connected to a air tube with an oxygen compressor where we got to witness notable coral reefs, fishes of various kind including Nemo! and clicked some pictures too.

After the sea walk, we had a great lunch with various Thai seafood options on the table. Also, you get a lot of shopping options too on the coral island.

Later we headed back to Pattaya city.

Around 4.30 pm, we visited the Sanctuary of truth - a Hindu-Buddhist temple and museum in Pattaya. It is one of the prominent quality attractions in the area. The sanctuary is an all-wood, hand-made building also known as “Temple of Truth”. We exactly had an hour and a half which is insufficient to complete the temple tour.

However, we had to finish because visiting hours at this temple is 8 am - 6 pm.

It was a tiring day and all we needed was to rest for some time.

We opted for a foot massage in the walking street of Pattaya. It was extremely relaxing must say!!.

After a refreshing foot massage, we roamed in and around the walking street, found an ice cream parlor with the vendors who are super entertaining with their

skillful tricks where we tried grapes and chocolate ice creams. Further walking down the street, witnessed street dancing, sipped some coconut milkshake, followed by seafood dinner and corona beer with a bit of shopping.


To reach the final and most awaited destination of the trip is Phuket, Phuket is a perfect base to go on an island-hopping trip.

We had booked AirAsia flight from Pattaya to Phuket. As they say, most of the unplanned things are always beautiful and exciting, on our way to Pattaya airport we noticed a golden carving of Buddha on a mountain sat cross-legged, with one hand resting on his knee

and other in his lap. We got down the taxi straight away to see the Buddha mountain, Khao chi chan.

The sculpture was designed by using computer software and then drawn on the mountain using a laser. Gold was used to fill in the sculpture. It is an amazing place with a

fantastic piece of craftsmanship. Following we reached Pattaya airport. The flight was all set to fly. The aerial view of the Pattaya was just spectacular.

Once after we landed at Phuket airport, we hired a car to reach Patong and roam in the city. It costed 3000 bhat for two days. The ride started, we arrived at the hotel

The Cocoon. It was a sunny afternoon. We had a nice lunch at an authentic Thai restaurant where the chilies were fiery, the service was hot and the ambiance spicy.

We decided to visit the tigers and headed to the Tiger tourism attraction in Phuket called Tiger Park Chiang Mai. This place offers you to take pictures with tigers. You get to choose the tigers based on their size. We decided to meet a big tiger. It provokes a scary thought of standing next to a big wild cat.

We walked into an area comprising 3-4 big tigers, clicked pictures with them by standing so close for the first time in our lives.

Our next stop was the beautiful Kata beach. It is one of the most famous beaches in Phuket which attracts tourists with its white sand and clear turquoise water. Being the most scenic beach of Phuket, Kata beach is less crowded, unlike Patong beach. To feel and witness the calm waves lapping against the shore is such a relaxing sensation.

It was time to try the street food of Phuket. We headed towards Bangla road, a road that comes to life after sunset. A daily festival of neon lights, loud music and food of course. It's a friendly and lively place to walk around, with dozens of bars and clubs competing with each other for customers.


Was a visit to Phi - Phi island which consists of six small islands. We had booked the tour from and the package was similar to as of the Coral Island tour.

We were picked up at the hotel at 7 am, a longboat was waiting to take us to the most beautiful islands of Phi - Phi. In the longboat ride to the island, you can witness limestone cliffs with the spectacular scenery of crystal clear water. We were amused to see exquisite fine sand beaches. It was indeed a refreshing ocean-front day.

Phi Phi Leh is an uninhabited island, It has coral reefs with abundant tropical fish, making it a popular diving and swimming spot. There are no hotels on Phi Phi Leh, and camping is prohibited. It is only accessible for day tours.

We changed into our swimwear and went straight to the beach to board our Thai longboat for a day full of snorkeling adventures.

It was fun to be on a longboat with travelers from various parts of the world.

The first stop was straits of Malacca!. It was such a magical experience to be on the island surrounded by crystal clear water and powder-white beaches.

The water was very clear with full of tropical fishes. Our next stop was at Phi-phi Leh Bay. We rounded the cliffs to the jewel of the Phi Phi Leh. Sama bay offers the best place to snorkel. The water was shallow and we were surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. We were given an hour for snorkeling activity.

The first snorkeling experience of our lives was incredible. You get to see marine life that exists just by putting your head underwater!. We were bouncing with

joy and excitement like a little kid whenever we saw those colorful reefs, school of fishes each kind different from one another exploring the underwater life.

A visual treat to eyes. We tried to see as many as possible in the given time. The overwhelming experience will Make yourself wonder what a wonderful nature it is!.

Post snorkeling we caught a glimpse of Maya bay which is featured in the movie "The Beach'' which is currently closed for visitors to protect the marine life, followed by Palong Bay, Phi Ley Bay, and Viking cave.

The lunch was arranged at Phi - Phi Don which was previously destroyed by Tsunami and the people over there are thriving to restore it to original beauty. It was a day to be remembered. We came back to Phuket with our minds filled with amazing experiences and sights.

They say friends are the family you chose. We had dinner at Joe's downstairs celebrating the treasure we had in our lives.


It was our last morning in the Phuket and of the Thailand trip. We visited Big Buddha, an impressive landmark, and a must-visit place when you are in Phuket.

Serenely overlooking the landscape, a stunning 45-meter marble Buddha is seated on top of the Mount Nagakerd. The panoramic views from the hilltop are breathtaking. It is indeed a superb site. You can see most of the Phuket from here. Being an active religious site, it is expected that the guests should dress appropriately covering up to shoulders and legs. We had sarongs that served this purpose. One notable fact is that the Buddha statue is built with the donation given by people.

After visiting Big Buddha we headed to Wat Chalong temple - the largest, most visited Buddhist temple in Phuket. It is a beautifully designed temple built in a large spiritual complex. The temple is also surrounded by hills and makes for beautiful scenery. Within the temple area, you will hear loud explosions of firecrackers coming from a brick oven-like structure. It is believed as another way to make merit, to show your gratitude when your wishes came true. There will be a person standing by the structure to lit the firecracker for you. The big ones are pretty scary and loud. There are a dozen small shops which sell all kinds of souvenirs and tourist stuff.

The Thais consider Buddha to be a worship-able deity and do not entertain Buddha as a decorative piece.

We were ready to visit a place that was filled with fun and entertainment - Dolphin's bay!.