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Road Trip Malaysia 2020

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

"No other country has Asia's three major races, Malay, Chinese, Indian, plus various other ethnic groups in large numbers. Nowhere is there such exciting diversity of cultures, festivals, traditions and customs, offering myriad experiences. No other county is "Truly Asia" as Malaysia"

The day where our dream came true of traveling to a new destination a year ago on the same day which is new year eve. For 2020 it was a road trip adventure in Malaysia.


We landed as per our schedule in Kuala Lumpur around 14:00 on 31/12/19 for our new beginning adventure drive!

Cheapest mode of getting to KL Sentral/Bukit Bintang from KLIA2 is by justGrab(Uber) taxi if you're travelling in group of three or more paxs which cost you around 55-75RM. One can catch grab taxi from KLIA2 by sliding down to Level 1 Door 5, bit difficult to find you're way to door 5. Check out with airport persons for directions.

Our stay was at One @Bukit Ceylon in Bukit Bintang, comfortable and cozy apartment with KL tower view in balcony. Easy on pocket as well.

Agenda for this day was nothing but to visit the mighty world'only tallest twin tower and to witness the crowd who has t

raveled all over the world to welcome the new year 2020 with the bang!

Before welcoming 2020 we wanted to fill our tummy with Malay cuisine in local way. Our dinner was planned at Tapak Food Truck Street which is very close to Petronas twin towers.

And trust me we were not disappointed, the moment the clock ticked 00:00 there was crackling fireworks busting in sky in various form which we had never witnessed so far! As you keep looking the sky you drown into this magical nights as the firecrackers starts to dance on sky! We three were left with awe! We are trying to capture in our lens but still we are not able to focus because we were living in the moment among millions who were witnessing the moment!

Words to live by -

"Each and every person who's around you are from different culture and everyone is going through untold stories but when you surround yourself with people who are joyful even you'll end up be prosperous, happy and you smile!"


As we got up, our first place to visit was Jamek Mosque, where we had to take MRT (metro) from the place where we stayed which was Bukit Bintang to Passar Seni and finding right train was big hurdle as there are many platforms underground and on the flyover anyone can easily get confused with these many trains around, however with help of station master it was easy to find our train which would take us to Passar Seni and from there it's only 10 minutes walk to Jamek Mosque,

Next walk was to head to one more Street called Kasturi Walk and here also there was nothing much to see apart from souvenir collection and apparels, if you ask my suggestion I would suggest you to skip this street as there is nothing much to see.

Petaling Street where you get the first copy apparels from Tommy Hilfiger to Gucci and LV to Kenzo Paris, you name the brand and they'll have the copy! and when you're in this street one must never miss the very famous drink of soya milk shake which is quite famous milkshake in Kuala Lumpur and it's called as 'Kim Soya Bean' it's a must drink for 8RM you will get a 200ml of soya milk.

Afternoon session was full packed and our next stop was at Thean Hou Temple. Once we reached temple in Grab taxi, a lady gave us a warm welcome and directed us for dinning area has it was new year day their was free lunch offered by devotees. Thankful for the free food as we all were in hunger for a complete meal. Coming to temple architecture purely Chinese arch it was absolutely gorgeous and Instagram post content. Must visit place in KL.

However, later part of this day comes down to our dream destination the Beautiful Petronas Twin Towers where we had the booked slot at 17:15 to discover ourselves the true beauty of bird eye view from the center of the two connecting tower! which was on the 42nd floor and the escort will give you 10 minutes time to roam around and click picture and then they'll take you to 86th floor which is an observatory deck and view of Malaysia from this place is oohhhoooohh! my goodness not for the weak hearted!

This was our dream, standing on world's top twin tower where in we used to see the picture of these tall buildings in our school note books! we used to always wonder how tall is actually the building would look like in reality, however here we are standing inside the tower and remembering those days where we dreamt of visiting this place!

Dreams do come true if you work towards to it!

Words to live by -

"Traveling is not a journey but it's an experience and you carry that experience where ever you go and you'll live with that!"


The Drive Day!

Well, trust me this is what we were waiting for, as we were going to rent a car from the online car rental company called as SOCAR which is very reliable to book and drive.

All you gotta do is download the app on this link SOCAR

And register yourself with details and book the car and pay the money via credit or debit card and you'll get to know the location where car has been parked, that's it! It's so simple but sometimes you get really bugged up to find the car in the location as it will be parked inside the parking lot and that too in multiple levels, but a bit of patience can be easy to hunt the car.

So agenda for today is to drive to Batu Caves which was approximately 37km from the city and then drive to Penang which was 300+km, however we had one more thing to take along with the car and that was "touch and go" alright let me tell you about this "touch and go card" this looks like a metro card which is available at LRT and MRT station (metro station) which is must to carry if you have a car in Malaysia, it's used to pay toll charges as you cross states and enter tolled highways, it will cost you 15RM out of which 10RM will be credit in your card which you can use to pay the toll and also buy groceries from seven eleven. We payed 50RM and recharged the card and started to Batu caves.

We reached Batu Caves by 09:00 and it was already burning hot, as we got down we could see the Murgan Statue one of the tallest statue which was completed in the year 1891. You could click very nice pictures on the way to temple as you have to climb 900 plus rainbow steps which looks beautiful from far but be prepared it's going to take your breath out! And if you want less crowd make sure you make it early, it was our bad we visited the temple when it was already crowded however we managed to click some good pictures! Over all experience on this temple, yup it was good.

We resumed our journey and entered the destination to Penang on my phone and placed it on the dashboard, and it was showing as 297km ahead straight! can you even believe 297km stretch to enter another state. No right turn or left turn just go straight! As we cruised for while and we pulled over on petrol pump to get the petrol however there's no guy to put petrol to our car, we had to get down and we need to do the job so we had to either use a card on petrol pump machine or pay the cashier who will be sitting in grocery store and let him know the petrol pump machine number and he'll give us a slip and we had to take the petrol pump gun and load the petrol! It was a good experience and we got to know that, this is what will be going on until we leave Malaysia.

As we cruised over 100kmph the drive was effortlessly smooth by listening to Sandalwood, Bollywood and Hollywood songs one after the other. No one would honk unless they have to do it! As we cruised one fellow in a group who sits in back always fall sleep and two in front starts to talk about life and how we can still dream and live by having the freedom of time and money which allows us to reach to end of the world and come back to where it all started and still stay grounded. The good thing about two in front we are not actually judging the present situation in life and dreaming about the future, we dream and say yes let's go and the whole universe will conspire to make that happen! We believe in our dreams and we know that it doesn't come easy and we have to pay heck of a price but still we don't give up! The only reason why third guy is not in the conversation is because he's drifted to sleep with shades on and taking his breath from mouth!

So we reached Penang Bridge by 15:00 which is a 13.5km (8.4-mile) dual carriageway toll bridge and controlled-access highway in the state of Penang, Malaysia. The bridge connects Butterworth on the mainland side of the state with Gelugor on the island, crossing the Selatan Strait.

Once we reached George town in Penang our airbnb was Old Time Penang at World Heritage City and we had no place to park our car, however if we had to park we need to buy a ticket or you can call it as booklet of parking tickets which will cost you 4RM and you need to purchase this from any supermarket like seven eleven, all you gotta do is buy this bunch of tickets and place it on dashboard when ever your park by displaying that days date and time slot! After we kept our luggage in our room we headed to Clan Jetties of Penang, it just means that people who have built home and shops on beds of ocean with the use of concrete and wood and it's a must to visit this place when your in Penang as it's very peaceful to see the ocean on the wooden plank where everyone remains calm by looking at the ferries which transports vehicle and goods and just to enjoy the calmness of water and to relate to yourself! Trust me when we three made to this point, it was an absolute silence in between us, it's not because we had nothing to talk but we were indulged in that moment looking at the calm ocean.

Later that evening we took a lazy walk on old street road looking around the delicious foods which is always sweet or it would with soya sauce. We already had enough of having sweet breakfast, lunch and dinner of soya sauce and we really wanted to eat something spicy so we had cup of noodles which is mixed of fish and chicken with egg and green chilly syrup! And we had to take more than 5 green chilly syrup to make it spicy and then have our dinner.